Increasing Sales Efficiencies with Clean Data

If you’re the person responsible for data quality management and maintenance of your company’s Salesforce org, you’ve probably attempted to drill into your users’ minds the command: “When you enter a lead, make sure you search for a duplicate first.” But if your users are anything like Alexis Grau’s, CRM Systems Manager for Lucid Design Group, they don’t always heed your advice.

Any experienced Salesforce admin will agree that when duplicate records are present in Salesforce, bad things happen. “We had a lot of problems where sales people were calling leads that were
duplicates and that had already been disqualified.” Alexis said.

However, the sales team was not solely to blame for the presence of bad data nor were they the only ones affected.

We spoke with Lucid and asked them what was causing the bad data, the problems that arose, and how they were able to clean their data using Cloudingo.

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